OBJECT: Wax Models

(Warning: the below images show the development genitalia. Although these are wax models, they are still sensitive material, and should be viewed with reader discretion.] [Image Description: Nine wax models mounted on a wood plague that chronicle the development of human genitals in the womb] Wax models (made in the 19th Century), wax on wood, … More OBJECT: Wax Models

OBJECT: The Portrait of Mr W H and Sonnets

  Whilst many members of the public know of ‘Sonnets’ noted poems, such as Sonnet 18 (popularly known as ‘Shall I compare thee to a Summer’s day’), few note that half of the collection’s most erotic and romantic pieces are dedicated to a male ‘youth… Mr W H’. This immediately draws interest into Shakespeare’s own … More OBJECT: The Portrait of Mr W H and Sonnets

OBJECT: Portrait of Alexander the Great

[image pending] Master of the Griselda Legend, Portrait of Alexander the Great (made 1494/5, acquired 1951), tempera on wood, 105.4 x 50.8 cm, currently in the Barber Institute of Fine Arts (Birmingham) (http://mimsy.bham.ac.uk/browser.php?m=objects&kv=100180&i=6021) Object: Portrait of Alexander the Great Maker: Master of the Griselda Legend Date: Around 1494/5   Alexander III of Macedon, commonly known … More OBJECT: Portrait of Alexander the Great

OBJECT: Linked Standing Male Figures

Linked Standing Male Figures, unknown, Danford Collection of West African Art and Artefacts, Image © Research and Cultural Collections, University of Birmingham Name: Linked Standing Male Figures Artist: Unknown Location: West Yoruba Region, possibly Dahomey (R. du Benin) Accession Number: BIRRCD0028 Collection: The Danford Collection of West African Art and Artefacts This is a 35cm … More OBJECT: Linked Standing Male Figures

OBJECT: Early DC Multimeter

Manufactured by Weston Electrical Instrument Co., and Newark and Elliott Bros., Early DC Multimeter (made in early 20th century), 25.5 x 25.5 x 14.5 cm, currently in the Collection of Historic Physics Instruments (Birmingham). (http://mimsy.bham.ac.uk/detail.php?t=objects&type=browse&f=OPTION8&s=Collection+of+Historic+Physics+Instruments&record=45) Object: Early DC Multimeter Maker: Weston Electrical Instrument Co. Date: Early 20th Century

S: My Reflection

When I began this project, all I knew was that I wanted to focus on finding queer voices in science. STEM fields are, and have been, aggressively heteropatriarchal—queer identities, like all other marginalized identities, are routinely erased and left out of discussions of scientific personalities, so the task was definitely not an easy one. A … More S: My Reflection

Matthew: Reflection

When signing up to the project, I initially had the simple aim of expanding my knowledge of art and its interpretation. Indeed, studying art history as a ‘Widening Horizons’ module, I thought ‘Rainbow Trail’ would be beneficial to my course. One of our taught frameworks for interpretation is Feminism and, as we view art through … More Matthew: Reflection