Ellie: How I chose my object.

For me, the process of picking an item was one of coincidence. One of my personal goals for the Rainbow Trail was to learn something new, and I struggled for a long time to find a topic that was a little different.

I considered literature, and the often open queerness of many great writers and poets, but quickly found my idea to be too broad a topic. It didn’t help that often people knew about these people, which made me reconsider, as I knew I wouldn’t be able to offer a different perspective. It only made sense to pick my next passion when I started looking again.

Ancient Egypt gave me the opportunity to look at something I was currently studying from a different perspective. Although popular, it’s often sensationalised, and I knew I would be showing something many people wouldn’t know that much about. When we covered the topic of Akhenaten’s gender in seminars, it didn’t sit well with me that the explanations had to be either religious, or an illness, and this project allowed me to further explore the possibility of it being about his gender. This meant that I had the opportunity to work with people in the trans community to discuss how the avoidance of trans history effects them, allowing me to learn more about their community, and hopefully to allow others to think about it a little more as well.


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