Meet the Team

My name is Ellie, I’m a first year Ancient History student. I identify as cis pansexual (she/her pronouns). My person area of interest are historical analysis gender and sexuality in the Ancient World, and how queer history often erases bi/pansexuality.

Hi, I’m Finn, a first year Drama and English student. I’m non binary and identify as transmasculine and genderqueer (I use he/they pronouns). I’m also gay. My interests are mostly centred around literature and theatre as well as other arts, including the presentation of queer relationships, trans identity and gender nonconformity.

Hello, I’m Matthew. I’m a cis male (he/him) studying English Lit. and interested in the queer perspective of the arts through it bringing us closer to a more accurate portrayal of historical biographies: ones without ideological bias.

Hi I’m Isabelle- I’m a cis female (she/her pronouns) studying English Lit and History of Art. I have a specialist interest in the representation of gender, femininity, and sexuality in the arts (particularly in Britain and Italy).

Hi, I’m S, and I’m a cis gay woman of colour studying Physics. I’m interested in the queer history of science and LGBTQA+ scientists, and in the history and representation of queer people of colour. (She/her pronouns).

Hi, I’m Beth (she/ her pronouns). I’m in my final year studying English. I’m particularly interested in pre- Medieval literature and culture, and also have a focus in queer studies of mythologies and objects from Ancient Greece.

Hey, I’m J. I identify as sex-positive asexual. My romanticism is panromantic. I am most interested in intersex history and representation as I feel it has been previously neglected in academic studies. I also enjoy deconstructing preconceived notions of the gender binary in both biological and medical sciences, however, my undergraduate degree was within the college of Arts and Law.